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Published: 19th July 2009
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Are you considering taking a free online transcription test? The vast majority of people who are aiming for a career in transcription services will find that it is almost mandatory to take an online transcription test at one point or another. This is especially true of people who are looking to work from home as a professional transcriber. Most employers will not consider hiring a transcriber for their project unless they can provide verifiable proof of their transcription skills and accuracy. This is especially true within the UK.

Because the UK is home to such a wide variety of accents and different dialects of speech it is even more important in the UK to take and pass a transcription test before you will be awarded most jobs. These tests are helpful to your career and contrary to what your nerves are telling you, you can pass the test! You have typing experience, but it's been a little while and you're afraid you might be rusty? Don't worry, the longer you wait the tougher it will be so today is the day to get started.

It's important to know the terms that are involved in whatever you are planning to transcribe, whether it be medical or legal, you should brush up on the common terms. This will help you feel more confident in your ability and considerably less nervous about making potential mistakes. Depending on the nature of the transcription service you are applying to, your tests may include questions regarding vocabulary and document formatting as well as a straight typing speed and accuracy test. Grammar and words that sound similar are also important to keep in mind as well. Know when to use an apostrophe and when not to as well as whether to use weather or whether as well as which and witch and other common words. Transcription tests will often entail more than simple typing but also it will test your comprehension and your ability to listen and completely hear the sounds. Punctuation will also be important so brush up on your grammar and relearn the hyphen and comma.

Beyond simply studying and knowing the material it is important that you feel confident in your typing skills and your ability to do the job correctly should you be selected by the company who has asked you to test for them. If you feel confident that beyond this test you will be able to excel and do well for the company in question, the testing process will be a breeze. Be sure you are well rested and physically comfortable during the test. Your arms should be properly positioned and not cramped. Clear all clutter from your work space to ensure there are no distractions. Be sure you are sitting in the most comfortable position that you can and that there is no background noise. When writing a online transcription test hearing every single word and sound from your audio is of the utmost importance; missing even the smallest details can cause the whole transcription to be inaccurate. If you have reviewed this article you are most likely prepared for your next transcription test and assuming you followed the instructions you should do very well. Good Luck!

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